M-REMITTANCE - New distribution channel (hardware and software) for financial services aimed at low-income people

The M-REMITTANCE was born with the purpose of making transaction of micro-values feasible in its different variables, adopting mobile technology, in a fast and safe way and for a low cost. Thus, a certain client will be able to perform financial operations just by using his/her cell phone.

Today, the most advanced point of a bank agency is the ATM. However, issues related to the infrastructure and security/safety make it difficult to use such technology in poor regions. Projects’ innovation lies in a mobile device called Agency Advanced Point (AAP). This equipment will enable Financial Institutions (FIs) to offer unbanked people financial products through a short reach network formed by connection providers of a service like that of Intranet Bank.

On the other hand, the final client shall need a cell phone (any trade mark or model) with a Bluetooth interface and installation of the browser developed by MProjects.